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My Name Is Going to Mars! Yours can too…

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Screenshot Diaries Ahoy!

Submit your name – It’ll go on a microchip to Mars to be read by future colonists or aliens or rather super intelligent microbes versed in binary, undetectable by earthling methods of discovery, or parallel universe travelers that accidentally slip into ours landing on Mars or Dr. Manhattan or some curious future JPLonaut doing a history project or… ok ok.




legos of life

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Yes, Drew Endy did say that biobricks are “designed to snap together like Legos;” we can build life. I was asked: Does this mean designer babies? I feel compelled to emphasize these bioengineers are cognizant of the moral/ethical questions inherent with the use of this technology. 

software system for chromosome analysis

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"Not having the necessary equipment, we have not done any investigations into [man-machine interaction] to date, but the power of the system will undoubtedly be enhanced by supplementing the measuring power of the computer with man's tremendous pattern recognition ability in those cases too complex for the machine to handle alone."

C. Judith Hilditch "The Principles of a Software System for Karyotype Analysis" in Human Population Genetics Eds. Patricia Jacobs, W.H. Price and Pamela Law, 1970