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My Name Is Going to Mars! Yours can too…

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Screenshot Diaries Ahoy!

Submit your name – It’ll go on a microchip to Mars to be read by future colonists or aliens or rather super intelligent microbes versed in binary, undetectable by earthling methods of discovery, or parallel universe travelers that accidentally slip into ours landing on Mars or Dr. Manhattan or some curious future JPLonaut doing a history project or… ok ok.




Mike Mitchell

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world peace through space law

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Arrest those GeoJerks, or they’ll Ruin Everything!

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This is a WINNER. Hitler and friends guest star on Captain Planet, who sweats from the hatred, and bid on a weapon from the future. Alas! Plans crumble when the geojerks, er, uh, teens-full-of-love-and-righteousness arrive and change the course of history.

Don’t know who you are, but can I buy you a beer?

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I need a rocket, too.