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My Name Is Going to Mars! Yours can too…

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Screenshot Diaries Ahoy!

Submit your name – It’ll go on a microchip to Mars to be read by future colonists or aliens or rather super intelligent microbes versed in binary, undetectable by earthling methods of discovery, or parallel universe travelers that accidentally slip into ours landing on Mars or Dr. Manhattan or some curious future JPLonaut doing a history project or… ok ok.




legos of life

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Yes, Drew Endy did say that biobricks are “designed to snap together like Legos;” we can build life. I was asked: Does this mean designer babies? I feel compelled to emphasize these bioengineers are cognizant of the moral/ethical questions inherent with the use of this technology. 

Even science

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Once again, what appears to us in the mystical guise of pure science
and objective knowledge about nature turns out, underneath, to be
political, economic, and social ideology.
—R. C. Lewontin

world peace through space law

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antivaccine movement – a run down

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Science, Government, and Information

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The first two parts of the report describe some attributes of the information process and of various information handling systems. Recommendations to the technical community include: (1) The technical community must recognize that handling of technical information is a worthy and integral part of science; (2) The individual author must accept more responsibility for subsequent retrieval of what is published; (3) Techniques of handling information must be widely taught; (4) New modes for information processing and retrieval must be explored and (5) Uniformity and compatibility of information systems are desirable. Recommendations to Government agencies include: (1) Each Federal agency concerned with science and technology must accept its responsibility for information activities in fields relevant to its mission; (2) Each agency should establish a focal point of responsibility for information activities; (3) The Federal Council for Science and Technology should keep all Government information systems under surveillance; (4) The various systems should be articulated by information clearinghouses; (5) Each agency must maintain its own system and (6) The President's Science Advisory Committee should give information problems continued attention. (This is considered to be one of the basic papers of government interest in the field of information science.) 

Morning Coffee to Watson & Crick discussing *their discovery

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Morning Coffee (weening off still)

Last week I discussed James Watson’s The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA with my students. This clip is a nice summary of contention. If interested, read the critical edition. A fantastic read of personal glory at the expense of others, some sexism and trash talking. A snippet: http://books.google.com/books?id=bFTcfbQc-TEC&lpg=PA1&dq=double%20helix%20critical%20edition&pg=PA1#v=onepage&q=&f=false


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – New Year’s Thoughts 1966

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NSF – the concept album (1945)

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Arrest those GeoJerks, or they’ll Ruin Everything!

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This is a WINNER. Hitler and friends guest star on Captain Planet, who sweats from the hatred, and bid on a weapon from the future. Alas! Plans crumble when the geojerks, er, uh, teens-full-of-love-and-righteousness arrive and change the course of history.