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Carroll Avenue

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Los Angeles does indeed have a Victorian past.



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times so strange, so unreal // others could claim a lie

i wish it were // i wish it were dreams and rainbows

but another one fades to memory // the truth is for pandora’s box


sorrow, anger, pity, or… nothing // nothing new only something different

continue, so it goes // suffering is for another’s eyes




How to launch a cat

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Before the Enlightenment, there was Humor.

Genetic Counseling 1970

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“It would seem in keeping, therefore, with modern public health procedure, to apply present knowledge in genetics to the prevention of avoidable birth deficiencies of hereditary and familial causation, rather than find it subsequently necessary to institute costly therapeutic and rehabilitation measures in attempts to overcome the damaging and emotionally disturbing effects of the deficiencies.”

Introduction by Harold Abramson, MD
What are the deficiencies? Yes, that is the question. A long standing one.

Einstein Letters 1947 & 1948 calling for responsibility at the start of the Cold War

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NSF – the concept album (1945)

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Einstein’s Letter to FDR regarding nuclear physics, 1939

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Einstein Letter to FDR 1939.pdf
Download this file

Ref: ARC Identifier 593374. The letter itself is in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, NY. This is a copy at the National Archives.

Students are wonderful. One of them found this to share with us for our discussion on scientific neutrality, civilian/military research, secrecy/open-access and WWII.