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intelligence testing

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Thoughts, by Arthur Jensen: “…consequences of sticking your neck out when you think you should, are not too bad. It is an exercise in conscience and self-respect, in which neither suffers, given the faith that the scientific pursuit of the currently most tabooed question will prove worthwhile to humanity.”


Using Turnitin & Privacy infringement

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In a meeting my colleagues and I had with our professors, we discussed whether or not to use Turnitin for midterms and essays. I have been and am opposed to it. Turnitin is an online application teachers can use to check for originality in papers written by their students: http://turnitin.com/static/index.html The aim is to support academic integrity and prevent plagiarism, which seems like it would be helpful when you have large classrooms and repeated content. A paper is crosschecked against every other paper turned in on the site, as well as against the world wide web of uploaded content.

There are various flaws with this kind of program, importantly with respect to intellectual property. One of my colleagues provided this review of Turnitin, attached. Part Two, which is not that lengthy, addresses legal and ethical issues of students’ copyrights and right to privacy. The author addresses the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) that protects student records, teaching pedagogy and hypocrisy.

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