learning squash

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2010 at 6:01 am

D: A, I forgot my shoes. But I can use the ones I’m wearing.
A: Did you remember the goggles? 
D: Yes, but I forgot my contact lenses. Who needs vision! Do you like my look? 
A: You look like you’re headed down to the watering hole in 1925. Your socks go to your knees.
D: That is precisely the look I was going for. Fantastic. Let’s strut by the basketball players. 

After some learning of squash

D: So in racquetball, the ball is quite bouncey.  
A: Yes, in squash not so much.
D: So in racquetball, you have to exercise a fair bit of control.
A: Well in squash, you have to hit the ball really hard for it to do anything.
D: And squash is the elite form of racquetball?
A: Yes. But you sweat a ton.
D: Yeah, I can feel my stripey socks absorbing the elite sweat.
A: You are gross.



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