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legos of life

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Yes, Drew Endy did say that biobricks are “designed to snap together like Legos;” we can build life. I was asked: Does this mean designer babies? I feel compelled to emphasize these bioengineers are cognizant of the moral/ethical questions inherent with the use of this technology. 

learning squash

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D: A, I forgot my shoes. But I can use the ones I’m wearing.
A: Did you remember the goggles? 
D: Yes, but I forgot my contact lenses. Who needs vision! Do you like my look? 
A: You look like you’re headed down to the watering hole in 1925. Your socks go to your knees.
D: That is precisely the look I was going for. Fantastic. Let’s strut by the basketball players. 

After some learning of squash

D: So in racquetball, the ball is quite bouncey.  
A: Yes, in squash not so much.
D: So in racquetball, you have to exercise a fair bit of control.
A: Well in squash, you have to hit the ball really hard for it to do anything.
D: And squash is the elite form of racquetball?
A: Yes. But you sweat a ton.
D: Yeah, I can feel my stripey socks absorbing the elite sweat.
A: You are gross.


Limits to Growth, extracted

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Our concerns thus fall in the upper right hand corner of the space-time graph.
A model is simply an ordered set of assumptions about a complex system.
We, too, have used a model.
to improve our mental models
the scientific method, systems analysis, and the modern computer
seeking to understand the causes
global in scope, time horizon
open to inspection, traced without error by a computer
what it tells us about the world
people who have looked at the world
are inconsistent
probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline
it is possible to alter these trends
each person on earth
has an equal opportunity to realize his individual human potential
we are quite frankly overwhelmed
raise the space time horizons, from growth to global equilibrium

CIA recruiting

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I know a little about Newton, Darwin & genetics. Take me please?

“Two UCLA alumni Central Intelligence Agency officers will be
available on (date/time) at (place) to discuss employment opportunities in
the Directorate of Intelligence, the Agency’s all-source analytic arm,
with interested students.  They’re prepared to speak on CIA/DI, its
mission, the kinds of jobs it can offer (including student intern
programs), and what it’s looking for from potential recruits.  The session
will be informal, and these two officers will be happy to entertain
questions as well as to help arrange interviews for anyone interested.”

From: Weapons, Tactics, and Targets Group of the National Counterterrorism Center

talking heads in the desert

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