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software system for chromosome analysis

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"Not having the necessary equipment, we have not done any investigations into [man-machine interaction] to date, but the power of the system will undoubtedly be enhanced by supplementing the measuring power of the computer with man's tremendous pattern recognition ability in those cases too complex for the machine to handle alone."

C. Judith Hilditch "The Principles of a Software System for Karyotype Analysis" in Human Population Genetics Eds. Patricia Jacobs, W.H. Price and Pamela Law, 1970

Somewhere between Stateline and Barstow

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the dream lives…

Carroll Avenue

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Los Angeles does indeed have a Victorian past.

Even science

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Once again, what appears to us in the mystical guise of pure science
and objective knowledge about nature turns out, underneath, to be
political, economic, and social ideology.
—R. C. Lewontin

world peace through space law

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antivaccine movement – a run down

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vonnegut asimov sartre

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God bless you, Dr. Kevorkian

 By Kurt Vonnegut

Jon Brion to someone’s road trip up the 101

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Science, Government, and Information

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The first two parts of the report describe some attributes of the information process and of various information handling systems. Recommendations to the technical community include: (1) The technical community must recognize that handling of technical information is a worthy and integral part of science; (2) The individual author must accept more responsibility for subsequent retrieval of what is published; (3) Techniques of handling information must be widely taught; (4) New modes for information processing and retrieval must be explored and (5) Uniformity and compatibility of information systems are desirable. Recommendations to Government agencies include: (1) Each Federal agency concerned with science and technology must accept its responsibility for information activities in fields relevant to its mission; (2) Each agency should establish a focal point of responsibility for information activities; (3) The Federal Council for Science and Technology should keep all Government information systems under surveillance; (4) The various systems should be articulated by information clearinghouses; (5) Each agency must maintain its own system and (6) The President's Science Advisory Committee should give information problems continued attention. (This is considered to be one of the basic papers of government interest in the field of information science.) 


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times so strange, so unreal // others could claim a lie

i wish it were // i wish it were dreams and rainbows

but another one fades to memory // the truth is for pandora’s box


sorrow, anger, pity, or… nothing // nothing new only something different

continue, so it goes // suffering is for another’s eyes