Officers’ Christian Fellowship

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2007-2011 Strategic Goals & Objectives

The Executive Director develops strategic objectives and presents them to the Council for approval.

If the strategy is God’s roadmap for OCF, then the strategic goals are the signposts that point the way. They provide the boundaries and the priorities within which OCF operates.

The objectives reflect shorter-term activities that produce visible progress toward achieving one or more goals. We only include objectives that are realistically achievable in 3-5 years.


Motivate, equip and support members for the exercise of biblical leadership in all aspects of their personal, professional and spiritual lives.

Leadership Objectives

  1. Encourage and support programs across OCF designed to instruct and inspire military believers to live biblically.
  2. Implement a mentoring program by which OCF will reproduce itself across generations:
    • by empowering senior leaders and retirees to come alongside and encourage the current generation in the “trenches.”
    • by developing programs and materials through which OCF members are encouraged to develop future leaders through example, instruction, and mentoring.
  3. Identify, communicate, and implement programs and culturally relevant methods across OCF that meet biblically sound fellowship needs and enhance personal growth and effective ministry outreach.


Carry the gospel through the medium of ordinary relationships among the entire military community.

Outreach Objectives

  1. Proclaim the Gospel throughout the military society by the example of our lives, particularly our military excellence. Provide members with the necessary tools for an effective ministry outreach into the workplace.
  2. Increase emphasis on family- and singles-friendly OCF conferences at the installation and regional levels and at OCF conference centers.
  3. Develop a synergy among local OCF ministries, chaplains, local churches, and other military para-church ministries.
  4. Specifically seek relevance to minorities, singles, women, and those with liturgical traditions in OCF organization and programs. Address all levels of leadership (staffing, Council membership, speakers), cultural sensitivity in programs, and leadership training to effectively reach out to the entire military society.
  5. Exhort, equip and encourage members to seek opportunities and implement efforts that reach beyond the local fellowship to affect the larger military community for Christ.


Teach, encourage, and assist military families to model biblical marriage and parenthood throughout the military environment.

Family Objectives

  1. Cultivate consistent year-round Christian use of OCF conference centers, with priority to families of deployed service members.
  2. Build a Family Outreach program with the capacity to support the families of all deployed and deploying units. Develop Spiritually Smart Family conferences that equip participants to apply proven biblical principles to protect and sustain families and marriages in difficult times.
  3. Train and equip local OCF leaders to teach and support biblical marriage and family.


Govern, organize, resource, and support the OCF community in ways that honor Jesus Christ.

Stewardship Objectives

  1. Develop realistic, quantifiable, and targeted metrics: linkages between budget and objectives, between contributions and strategy that will guide staff ministry and emphasize financial accountability across OCF.
  2. Train and assist the field staff in resource development in order to achieve full local resource self-sufficiency by 2008.
  3. Successfully execute the OCF Growing and Building Campaign, achieving all Phase 1 and 2 objectives.
  4. Implement the Center of Mass plan for deploying OCF staff representatives to maximize their ability to motivate, equip, and support local volunteer leaders.
  5. Develop a fully integrated active duty, family, and retiree volunteer organization, training, and management program at every installation with an associated leader development plan.
  6. Implement a corporate membership and ministry partnership program with civilian churches in order to enhance family ministry and workplace outreach.
  7. Care for and mentor the staff and volunteer leaders whom God provides for His work through OCF.



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