tempest, a backronym

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Chart candy! Thank you DDR&E!

PS. The organization of the chart does not mean anything in real life, as noted in the legend.

“Control of Compromising Emanations.” It is not part of Information Security. Is this odd? Anyone?

It basically means that some agency [say, the DOD] is studying the noise of electromagnetic wave signals released, intentionally and non-intentionally, by agencies that do important and/or secret things that may contain information that, if intercepted by bad guys, could be a threat to national security. These studies are under the codename TEMPEST, the practice of which as been going on for a long while, ie. intercepting messages.

TEMPEST is not an acronym for anything, but a backronym
The Van Eck technique was used in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon
I quite like Neal Stephenson.

Request for Help: Acquisition Security Related Policies & Issuances Chart

Download this file

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