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The article below [link] speaks of the fMRI as a technology that visualizes the mind. And not only, but the process as well. I am a little surprised that as late as 2004, MIT allowed for the perpetuation of the mind/body binary, even if it is just a starter question to which they subsequently try to dismantle. However, they speak of the “brain-mind connection” further down the article, implying the mind and brain are still separated to a degree. Descartes lives on! Is it just semantics? It is a curious way to proceed with language in finding an emergent phenomenon. Someone out there skilled in this area, I’d like to know. Hit me up.


There are many researchers out there trying to tackle the physicality of consciousness; books, articles, and on, as mentioned in the article. All are looking at the brain. It is all fascinating, compelling and ever informative and revealing an incredible amount of information about the resilience of… human. Yet receptors of the brain are found throughout the rest of the body, as within  the digestive tract. They respond to the same neurotransmitters as the brain. Mental function, behavior, emotion, intelligence, intellectual burn-out, intuition, stress, IBS, heartbreak, nausea, happiness, what have you, are all full-body experiences.

I am sure I have mentioned this before. A good read on this is Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, Phd. http://books.google.com/books?id=gPDRP9DV8twC&dq=molecules+of+emotion&amp… It is interwoven with her own personal story of being a woman in the sciences (an incredible one at that), has some technical language, and has been criticized for being new wave b.s. But all are relevant to the development of science and medicine and finding the physical mind.

Seems one for complimentarity. Or maybe that is what integrative physiological science is for. As is the usual, they should talk to each other more often. Or try fMRI’ing brain + the rest of the body.



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