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"I was once naive enough to think that the study of human population genetics would conquer racism, or at least strongly challenge it. I thought science might put a stake through the dark heart of eugenics and racial hygiene. That’s because I didn’t know much about racism except some of the genetics of human inheritance. Genomics won’t conquer racism any more than evolutionary biology has beaten back Creationism, and Maynard Olson, among others, in “Davenport’s Dream” has noted that we can’t count on the facts reinforcing every Liberal Dream. We may find some phenotype-genotype associations that we find downright uncomfortable that cannot be attributed to schlock science. It is not a given, but it is a possibility. I just have to think there are many, many issues that are going to arise as it becomes cheap and fast to study the full genomes of lots of people, and as we can reconstruct our common and our uncommon ancestry with levels of specificity vastly beyond what we have been able to do until now."

from http://www.genomicslawreport.com/index.php/2009/10/19/the-balance-of-experiment-and-theory-is-shifting-in-genomics-this-matters-for-elsi/

by http://www.genome.duke.edu/people/faculty/cookdeegan/


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