Teaching GenXYZ Style

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It has been my experience at least that students tend to not read text emails. I thought I would try something more fitting to our evolving attention spans: video emails. I had let them know in advance I would do this. … Well actually, fellow TAs thought it might be too weird. So I put the question to the students: would they mind or prefer videos. I got smiles, cheers, giggles and a “do it!” So I have done. I use drop.io as our discussion board. I send them a video via the drop telling them what we will be discussing in class and what they should be thinking about as they do the readings. A slightly edited one is here for 9 seconds of your viewing pleasure.

They are to post a response to the readings, and I give them the freedom to choose the type of media they would like to use: video, audio, images… drawings of their own creation, so long as they have some relevant commentary. As many of my students are in their first two weeks ever of college ever, I am hoping this is not too intimidating. So far, and after a couple of kinks, it seems like it’s a functional method. Most students opt for text, and I have gotten a few images. But having just checked it, there is now a video! So it seems they could have fun with it once they figure it out. Crossing fingers that the whole enterprise does not crash & burn in a few more weeks. 

[edit/note: Multimedia may be old news to other arts departments, but I teach a history course. They tend to be… well. You know how they tend to be]

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